A Tale of Two Ventures
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Wah Kwong

The shipping company Wah Kwong is one of Hong Kong's great family run businesses. In celebration of its 60th Anniversary ( a very auspicious anniversary in Chinese tradition ), the company hired famed stills photographer Basil Pao to document all the varied aspects of Wah Kwong's services. The result was a magnificent book entitled 'A Tale of Two Ventures' which is more than a history of a single shipping company; it is in effect a profile of the modern day shipping industry. To celebrate both the company's history and the work of Basil Pao, APV were hired to produce two short films that were first shown at an anniversary party in The HK Maritime Museum and which will soon be made available to schools and educational institutions throughout HK. One film is on the company 'Wah Kwong at 60' and the other, 'A Tale of Two Ventures' is on the photography and the making of Basil's book.