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 CNBC Squawk Box Interview with
  Tim Huxley January, 2010

 CNBC Squawk Box Interview with
  Tim Huxley June, 2009

 1st Edition Vol.1. No.1.
   February - March, 2010
 2nd Edition Vol.1. No.2.
   October, 2012
 3rd Edition Vol.1. No.3.
   December, 2013
 4th Edition Vol. 1. No. 4.
   September, 2014
 5th Edition Vol. 1. No. 5.
   October, 2015

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Resignation of Executive Director

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Sabrina Chao feature - South China Morning Post,
   Hong Kong - 14th February, 2011

Wah Kwong in US$98m venture - South China Morning Post,
   Hong Kong - 20th October, 2010

Wah Kwong signs for giant crude oil tanker and looks at cost-sharing deals;
   South China Morning Post, Hong Kong - 28th August, 2010

‘Take the helm’ by George Chao; South China Morning Post,
   Hong Kong -15th July, 2010

 South China Morning Post, Hong Kong - 24th June, 2010

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 Larger ships in line for long-term recovery, 9th December, 2009

 Chao and family launch 'Beijing Venture' in Style -
   Tradewinds, 27th November, 2009

The Wah Kwong Investor update - September, 2009

 New Venture - Lloyd's List, December, 2008 - January, 2009

 Trade Winds - November, 2008

 Trade Winds - 8th February, 2008

 Asia's dominance reflected on glittering awards night

 George Chao - Lifetime Achievement Award

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