General Manager, Wah Kwong Ship Management (Hong Kong) Limited, Wah Kwong Ship Management (Shenzhen) Limited

Captain X.X. Zhang joined Wah Kwong as a cadet in 1990 and over the next 17 years worked on various types of ships during which period he was elevated from cadet to captain. In 2007, Captain Zhang was transferred to the Wah Kwong office in Hong Kong as a marine superintendent. He later became a technical superintendent and led crew training. With the company’s expansion, Captain Zhang was promoted to fleet manager in 2011 specialising in tankers and in 2015, he was promoted to Deputy General Manager of ship management with responsibility for day-to-day technical operations across all of Wah Kwong’s ship management activities. In 2021, Capt. Zhang was appointed General Manager overseeing the group's ship management teams in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.