Our Business

Since 1952, Wah Kwong has been providing maritime transport services to customers worldwide. We are focused on maximising value for our customers by providing award-winning performance in two main areas:


We own a diversified fleet that puts safety first

Shipping is a volatile industry in which different market sectors can move swiftly and independently of one another in response to various market, commercial, and geo-political forces that affect our business. As experienced shipowners we understand this and seek to maintain:

  • A diversified fleet with exposure to different sectors including the bulk-carrier, crude tanker and LPG markets, which helps provide a hedge against individual sector risks;
  • A young and safe fleet. Safety lies at the heart of what we do and Wah Kwong holds one of the best safety records of any fleet under the Hong Kong flag, which is one of the largest flag states in the shipping industry;
  • A loyal seaman resource for the diverse fleet we manage. Our strong corporate culture and policy of recruiting from within encourages exceptional levels of crew retention and has seen Wah Kwong voted Hong Kong Shipowner of the Year by crew members multiple times in recent years.

Asset Management

Entrusting your ships to Wah Kwong makes them a part of one of the most recognised shipping fleets in the world. Our core philosophy in asset management is to ensure safety, efficiency and profitability. We pay close attention to ensuring that assets under our care are well maintained, maximizing operating revenues and enhancing resale value.

Our extensive experience across the whole spectrum of shipping allows us to provide a tailor-made service to partners covering the whole life cycle of a vessel, from newbuilding design and supervision consultancy through to technical and commercial management.

New Building Consultancy

Wah Kwong enjoy a global reputation for building high quality ships thanks to experience garnered over many decades working at many of the world’s premier shipyards.

Since ordering our first newbuilding in Japan over half a century ago, Wah Kwong has built an enviable reputation with shipyards across the globe. Our long-term relationships with the major shipbuilders in Japan, Korea and China ensure we can secure beneficial delivery times and contract terms in what can be a highly competitive market where relationships count.

Our experienced newbuilding supervision team provide a first-class, one-stop service that covers the entire shipbuilding process, from design and plan-approval phases through construction, sea trials and delivery.

Ship Management

Wah Kwong manage a diverse fleet of modern vessels including oil tankers, gas carriers and bulk carriers ranging from 4,000 to 318,000 DWT and we are committed to providing best-in-class ship management services to shipowners. Safe operations, protecting the marine environment and ensuring we adhere to all international regulations are central to our management ethos.

A well-maintained ship retains a higher value at the point of sale and ships managed by reputed technical managers will find doors opening for attractive longer-term charters. Wah Kwong Ship Management’s pursuit of excellence puts our customers on the fast track to profitability.

Technical Management

All-in-one service packages and tailor-made solutions: One of Wah Kwong’s unique features is the seamless coordination between our newbuilding, ship management, commercial and operations teams.

Owner’s mindset: We understand things from a shipowner’s point of view, which means we pay close attention to an owner’s commercial interests and the value of the asset.

Single point of contact: All ships managed by Wah Kwong are assigned to individual, experienced technical managers who act as a single point-of-contact to liaise constantly with our client ensuring efficient communication and coordination;

Over 25 years’ experience building a strong network: Wah Kwong has been a pioneer in the growth and development of Chinese shipbuilding having ordered its first ship in China in the early 1990s. We are one of the most respected operators of Chinese-built ships thanks to an exceptional network of suppliers and dockyards to support ongoing maintenance and repair needs.

Economies of scale: As part of a fleet of over fifty ships, our customers benefit from the relationships and scale we enjoy with our suppliers, ensuring operating costs are amongst the most competitive in the industry.


Professional crew training: One of Wah Kwong’s unique features is the Wah Kwong has multiple training centres across China boasting state-of-the-art training facilities to ensure our valuable crew members receive all the necessary training;

Loyal crew members provide a stable manpower resource: Wah Kwong’s focus on career development has led to exceptionally high levels of crew retention and employee loyalty. Wah Kwong is proud to have been awarded Hong Kong Shipowner of the Year by the Mission to Seafarers in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Safety and Quality

Robust safety and quality system: Wah Kwong have established safety and quality systems and our dedicated HSEQ team are focussed on ensuring consistent quality to meet and exceed stringent industry safety standards.

Strong vetting and TMSA performance: Wah Kwong’s focus on excellence across tanker vetting, office management (TMSA) and RightShip vessel assessments provides maximum flexibility to shipowners considering future vessel employment strategies.

Commercial Management

Good Commercial Management is about selecting the right strategy for each ship and knowing how to execute.

Wah Kwong provide an integrated single-point-of-contact platform to our clients that co-ordinates commercial management, in-house operations, technical management and newbuilding supervision.

Chartering Service Strong long-term international network: our sophisticated commercial managers have a strong network with many of the world’s leading charterers. We rely on up-to-the-minute information and maintain a strong presence in global markets.

Operational Service 24-hour in-house service dedicated to operational excellence: our operations team offers a 24-hour service to ensure operational efficiency in support of our charterers’ ongoing business.

Sale & Purchase Consultancy Extensive experience in ship sale and purchase: In the past 30 years we have executed over 100 sale and purchase transactions. We are able to capitalise on Wah Kwong’s reputation for technical excellence and ensure ships under our management are sold at the best price available through our global commercial network.