Title Source Public Date Actions
Title Source Public Date Actions
Opening of Wah Kwong Ship Management (Shenzhen) LimitedWah Kwong2020-06-09
Does China’s security law threaten Hong Kong’s shipping charm?Lloyds List2020-06-08
Wah Kwong boss hails financial resilience of shipping during the coronavirus crisisSplash2472020-04-16
Wah Kwong aims to grow to 50-ship managed fleet by end of yearTradeWinds2020-02-12
Wah Kwong Awarded Hong Kong Ship Owner of the Year 2019 as a Fourth-Time WinnerWah Kwong2020-01-09
Wah Kwong Awarded for Maritime Finance InnovationsWah Kwong2019-11-07
港航運可藉大灣區 確立優勢 華光趙式慶:助業界在亞洲取話語權Hong Kong Economic Times2019-10-30
The Interview: Hing ChaoLloyds List2019-10-16
Wah Kwong’s innovation bedded in traditionHong Kong Maritime Hub2019-07-10
Sabrina Chao comments on election as BIMCO’s President DesignateHong Kong Maritime Hub2019-06-04
Chairman Sabrina Chao Elected BIMCO’s President DesignateWah Kwong2019-05-15
Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CSIC LeasingWah Kwong2018-11-24
Wah Kwong enters kamsarmax market with Chengxi orderTradeWinds2018-11-19
Wah Kwong won the Hong Kong Shipowner of the Year, 3rd time in 4 yearsWah Kwong2018-11-15
Signing of 2 New Kamsarmax Bulkers with CSSC Chengxi ShipyardWah Kwong2018-11-15
Senior Crew Conference at training school in Qingdao, ShandongWah Kwong2018-11-13
Signing for Technical Management with CDB LeasingWah Kwong2018-08-03
Signing of 4+2 Mini-Capes by Cargill and CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping LeasingWah Kwong2018-06-28
Sabrina Chao 'humbled' by Commodore AwardTradeWinds2018-03-15
Missing CrewmanWah Kwong2018-03-13
The Interview: Sabrina ChaoLloyds List2018-03-12
Appointment of Chief Executive OfficerWah Kwong2018-03-02
Strategic Partnership Agreement with CMB LeasingWah Kwong2018-02-08
Wah Kwong launched liquid cargo training school with Shandong Transportation AcademyWah Kwong2017-11-24
Hong Kong’s Maritime Industry Sees Opportunities in Trump EraSCMP2017-02-04
George Chao: a true dealmakerTradeWinds2016-07-28
Resignation of Executive DirectorWah Kwong2016-06-30
2016 Asia’s Power Business WomenForbes2016-04-24
What Shipping Says About the Health of World TradeBloomberg2015-12-18
Chao takes on HK roleTradeWinds2015-10-01
Fleet Rethink NeedsTradeWinds2015-09-10
Shipping: We Make The World WorkWah Kwong2014-06-30
Sabrina Chao steers Wah Kwong past rocky shoalsSCMP2014-03-07
Sabrina Chao Interview with TW+TradeWinds2013-12-24
Wah Kwong At 60Wah Kwong2013-10-16
Sabrina Chao: A Bloodline For ShippingForbes2013-09-02
Decision Maker: Sabrina ChaoFairplay2013-05-09
Sabrina Chao takes the chairSinoShip2013-02-24
Sabrina takes the helmTradeWinds2013-01-21
From fire to water, THE BALTICWinter2012-12-21
A Tale of Two VenturesWah Kwong2012-10-26
A reason to be cheerful - Wah Kwong at 60Asia Maritime2012-09-24
Wah Kwong celebrates 60 years in styleAsia Maritime2012-09-24
The Maritime IndustryWah Kwong2012-05-04
Introduction of Wah Kwong Ship ManagementWah Kwong2012-05-04
Introduction of Wah Kwong Operations DepartmentWah Kwong2012-05-04
Introduction of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Ltd.Wah Kwong2012-04-18
Born with a tiller instinctSCMP2011-10-24
Wah Kwong boss backs Hong KongTradeWinds2011-06-03
With a Little Help From Our FriendsAsia Maritime2011-05-24
A confident approach to smooth successionLloyds List2011-03-01
Shipping titans encounter stormy weatherSCMP2011-02-14
Wah Kwong in US$98m ventureSCMP2010-10-20
Wah Kwong signs for giant crude oil tanker and looks at cost-sharing dealsSCMP2010-08-28
Take the helmSCMP2010-07-15
Shipping tycoon calls for a new 'maritime secretary'SCMP2010-06-24
HK shipping line on vessel buying spreeBloomberg2010-06-24
Asian shipowners strive to be heardLloyds List2010-05-21
Larger ships in line for long-term recoveryLloyds List2009-12-09
Chao and family launch 'Beijing Venture' in StyleTradeWinds2009-11-27
The Wah Kwong Investor updateWah Kwong2009-09-24
Same name New VentureLloyds List2008-12-24
Owners at the readyTradeWinds2008-11-24
Wah Kwong places order for capesize at DalianTradeWinds2008-02-08
George Chao - Lifetime Achievement AwardLloyds List2007-11-16
Asia's dominance reflected on glittering awards nightLloyds List2007-11-16